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The Campaign!

The children are the future of the world. They will be someone that changes the world for the better. They will be someone that makes their family, country, and this world proud.

It's our responsibility as an adult to make a better environment for them, especially when they are in their golden age (kids). But, everything has a flaw. Even in such a prestigious school, there will be a flaw called bullying and harassment. And this flaw often destroys the future of kids.

So, We (Adelie Studio & Friends) initiated a program to help bullied kids overcome their trauma. We make some educational video games for kids and parents as a medium to know what to do when they or their kids are facing this problem.


Learn With Adele!

Adele (Adelie's mascot) will teach you how to take care of kids who have PTSD due to bullying. The learning method will use video game media to make it more interactive.

Adelie X Berani Hadapi

In this program, we collaborate with LBH Berani Hadapi to give law enforcement to anyone that was bullied and se*ually harassed.

So, If you or your child is facing this problem, please report it to us! We can help you.

Stop With Adelie!

We invite anyone to join, help, and collaborate with us in this campaign.

You can help us in many ways. The simplest way to help is by sharing this site with your friends.


If you or your kids face a problem such as se*ual harassment, you can consult with us!

Our activist friends will help you or your kids overcome the trauma. And our friends from LBH Berani Hadapi will help in the law ways.
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Game's Demo

The game is under construction, so please come back periodically to see the progress!
We will publish the game on google play after finished.

In case the demo is not loaded, please refresh your browser.

Support us!

This program is non-profit, and the game that we make also will be free to play!

But you can help us develop the game by buying us some coffee to pull the night. Your help will motivate us to bring much higher qualities to the game.

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